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MPOC Commits to Nation-Building, Economic Growth Through Sustainability

(FILE PHOTO) The palm oil industry. -BERNAMA PIC

As the main entity to promote Malaysian palm oil, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) has played its role in nation-building to spearhead economic growth.

In conjunction with the 66th anniversary of the country's independence, MPOC has further committed to carrying out its duties as the prime mover in sustainable development and environmental sustainability in the nation's palm oil industry.

Backbone of palm oil industry post-Merdeka

Since its establishment in 1990, MPOC has made successful efforts to eradicate poverty among the rural population by encouraging large-scale oil palm planting through the Felda scheme.

MPOC's initiatives related to environmental sustainability and social aspects are also exemplary examples of the spirit of independence.

"Efforts to promote awareness of the history and benefits of the palm oil industry to the present generation have helped create an appreciation of Malaysia's achievements in eradicating poverty.

"Through education programs for various levels of society, MPOC strives to instill an understanding of the evolution of the palm oil industry and its role in driving the national economy," MPOC told Bernama.


The main role of MPOC is to encourage a sustainable palm oil market and increase the image of Malaysian palm oil globally.

MPOC's active participation in the promotion and marketing of Malaysian palm oil in the global market has boosted Malaysia's position as the main player in the industry.

The agency has also taken the initiative to open regional offices in locations globally which include China, India, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

"This has tracked new potential markets and encompasses specific issues related to every region involved. As a result, the country's palm oil has received commendable recognition in the global market," it said.


MPOC has also played its role in aligning strategies with amendments to regulations and global market demands.

"Through cooperation with government representatives, industry stakeholders and international entities, MPOC strives to overcome challenges that arise in keeping with market and legislative changes.

"Proactive approaches such as initial meetings and consultations with related countries have ensured related issues on palm oil can be resolved wisely," it said.


MPOC is tasked to be remembered as an entity that has colored Malaysia's post-independence journey and as a main contributor to the palm oil industry's growth.

This includes the main role of palm oil in driving the economy, persistent efforts to deal with global market issues and commitment to environmental sustainability and the well-being of the people.

It is hoped that MPOC's spirit and dedication will continue to be an inspiration in building a brighter future for Malaysia.


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