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Malaysian Palm Oil Association Welcomes New Leadership at Plantation and Commodities Ministry

The Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA) congratulates Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani and Datuk Chan Foong Hin on their appointments as the new Minister and Deputy Minister of the Plantation and Commodities Ministry (KPK), respectively.

In a statement today, the association said that closer collaboration between the ministry and industry stakeholders in the facilitation processes can enable the conduct of businesses that all stakeholders can benefit from.

“Recognizing the significance of fostering enabling policies that priorities cost-productivity, market access, and sustainability within the commodity sector, MPOA stands ready to actively engage and support initiatives aligning with these key objectives.

“Looking ahead, MPOA reiterates its commitment to continue fostering and enhancing a robust partnership with KPK,” it said.

MPOA pledged its continued support, working hand in hand with the Ministry to navigate challenges, unlock opportunities, and ensure a prosperous and sustainable future for Malaysia’s palm oil industry and the nation.

The association also expressed its appreciation to Datuk Sri Fadillah Yusof for his pivotal role in advancing the industry with his remarkable leadership and unwavering support during his tenure as the KPK Minister.


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