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MPOB Invites Entrepreneurs to Conduct Pre-Marketing Trials at Its Soap Production Facilities

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) encourages entrepreneurs to use palm oil as a primary ingredient in soap formulations. Interested entrepreneurs are invited to conduct their pre-marketing trials at its soap production facilities located at the MPOB’s head office in Bandar Baru Bangi.

Director-General Datuk Dr. Ahmad Parveez Hj. Ghulam Kadir said the Oleochemical Incubation Centre located at the MPOB’s head office offers a series of facilities for pre-marketing trials for the production of various types of palm-based soaps.

The service offers a full package of formulations, quality testing facilities and a team of competent staff and officers to assist the interested parties to operate the facilities and to formulate the palm ingredient into the desired products.

MPOB has invested about RM400,000 for its first soap pilot plant which later was upgraded with a brand new Mazzoni soap pilot plant. The pilot plant has a capacity of 10 kilograms per batch and each customer usually uses the facilities for production trials of 1,000 bars of soap.

“There were also a few companies from overseas, especially from Middle East who sought analytical consultations such as Yemen Co. for Ghee and Soap Industry from Taizz in Yemen,” he said.

MPOB’s competent researchers facilitate the companies to formulate different types of soap bars with additives from unique herbal extracts and powders.

MPOB’s annual Transfer of Technology (ToT) Seminar and Exhibition has been a platform for MPOB and its collaboration partners to announce latest available technologies ready for commercialisation.


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