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IRGA Digital Signs Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement and Partnership With iPlantations

The agreement grants IRGA Digital exclusive distributorship of plantation ERP platform iPlantation for the global market.

IRGA Digital, a subsidiary of IRGA announced today that it had signed an exclusive global distribution agreement and partnership with Saravanan Subramaniyan, the software developer of iPlantation.

Under this strategic collaboration, IRGA Digital will integrate iPlantation under IRGA’s iPLANT Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), connecting it with a wider array of products under IRGA to offer a greater value proposition to its plantation clients. Saravanan Subramaniyan will be joining IRGA Digital as Chief Technology Officer. He brings over 27 years of experience working with plantation management companies to improve processes and systems, as well as experience in the broader IT industry. He was also the project director for several large-scale ERP implementation projects of various public listed companies, with an array of clients and customers in the agro-food sector.

"The global oil palm sector is poised for significant growth with digital transformation. We are thrilled to welcome Saravanan and his team to IRGA. Their understanding of in-field operations, management and data for plantations will enable IRGA to offer complete and innovative solutions to our clients," said Harish Subramaniam, Co-Founder and Group Chief Digital Officer of IRGA.

iPlantation is an integrated hybrid in-field ERP platform for plantations and farms. The platform digitalizes the entire in-field operations and offers comprehensive business analytics for estate owners and managers, that would enable them to produce reports which can be exported and integrated easily to backend financial ERP systems. In turn, estate owners and managers will be able to make more timely business decisions, streamline plantation operations and immediate reporting to headquarters. iPlantation also enables plantation managers to have better control and planning of their operations data while attaining overall productivity, cost-efficiency and crop yield improvement at the same time.

“My team and I are thrilled to be part of IRGA. This partnership will enable us to continue our growth path and expand our global footprint. We are also excited to work on IRGA’s roadmap in driving digitalization and precision agriculture, especially reducing the complexity of organizing information through data warehousing, reporting and analysis, as well as performance management,” said Saravanan, founder of iPlantation and Chief Technology Officer of IRGA Digital.

Apart from the distribution of iPlantations, IRGA Digital has been developing various cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for plantations and farms using Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Robotics and Drones. Harish adds, “With this partnership, IRGA aims to be one of the few companies that is truly 4IR with the integration of Digital, Physical and Biological technologies. With our 5-year software development roadmap, the team at IRGA Digital is looking forward to delivering digital solutions to solve problems for plantation and farm owners.”


About IRGA Digital

IRGA Digital is part of IRGA. IRGA Digital develops digital software solutions and platforms for plantations and farms utilizing 4IR technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and integration of physical and biological technologies.

About IRGA

IRGA is an Agriculture Technology enabler that provides estate owners, farmers and landowners with integrated digital software, innovative hardware, biological solutions and data analytics for better decision-making and enhanced efficiencies. The idea behind the business’ name is conceptualized based on the brand’s ethos of holistically examining and restructuring agriculture, and looking at growth from a technology perspective. It is this thinking that forms the “IRGA” name, which is “AGRI” spelt in reverse and the tagline “agri. recoded.” IRGA has several breakthrough technologies being rolled out for in-field plantations and farms. Visit: for more details.

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