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HAUS CPO Treatment Plant for Chloride Removal in Palm Oil

Palm oil’s treatment process is enhancing and getting easier with each technological advancement. Before it is used as an ingredient for various applications, the palm oil is subjected to washing, mixing and heating treatments. New methods of crude palm oil washing systems are developing each year to satisfy the industry needs.

A Photo of the HAUS Crude Palm Oil Treatment Plant

Reducing the high level of 3-MCPDE formation to safe levels in the palm oil is a hard task. Treating the palm oil generates wastewater triggers water pollution. New methods are introducing each year to minimize the wastewater generation. Palm oil treatment must be applied carefully to lower water usage while reducing the main cause for 3-MCPDE formation which is the chloride contaminants.

HAUS Centrifuge Technologies offers a wide range of process solutions thanks to its 60+ years of process experience. Removing the chloride and other contaminants from the palm oil has become as simple as it can be with the help of the HAUS Industrial separator. Crude Palm Oil Treatment Plant which contains a preparation unit to treat the palm oil and a centrifugal separator to purify it from the contaminants is the perfectly designed solution of HAUS for the palm oil industry.

Details of the Treatment Plant

HAUS R&D team has developed a special preparation unit for the processing of palm oil for chloride removal, including various tanks, pumps, and mixers. It was tested for months with the help of various palm oil manufacturers in Malaysia and subjected to technical changes before finalization.

Reducing the chloride values to a minimum in the palm oil as well as cleaning it from other contaminants is the main tasks of the HAUS CPO Treatment Plant. The technique is to mix the water and palm oil in the preparation unit before separation. Contaminants are extracted from palm oil by dissolving in water. After dissolving the harmful chloride contaminants, the preparation unit pumps the oil into the HAUS Industrial Separator.

The IBA industrial separator is the core of the whole plant and separating the oil-water suspension is a simple task for it. After treating the palm oil in the preparation unit, separation of the water-oil mixture drops contaminant levels in the oil significantly. Then the purified oil is taken out of the separator and pumped to a vacuum dryer to further reduce the moisture level. After drying, the palm oil becomes ready for storage.

The HAUS CPO Treatment Plant proved its effectiveness by various tests on the field. The R&D team packed all necessary equipment for crude palm oil washing process into the preparation unit of the CPO Treatment Plant. From stainless steel pipes and tanks to preparation unit and a separator, each part of the crude palm oil treatment plant is designed and carefully selected for better efficiency and performance. The results of the HAUS palm oil treatment plant are detailed below.

HAUS has been testing its palm oil treatment system since 2017 and the effectiveness of the chloride removal process has been enhanced greatly. Over 92,5% reduction of chloride content in palm oil has been achieved by HAUS CPO Treatment Plant.

Samples from the product feed, the product outlet, and the sludge have been taken numerous times to analyze. Analyze result has been shown in a table. The HAUS CPO Treatment Plant has reduced the chloride levels in the oil to less than 1 ppm in all samples.

Samples taken from the oil feed, the product outlet, and the sludge

The HAUS R&D team describes the IBA separator as “the core of the whole process”. The IBA Separators have become one of their greatest machines to date and it comes in different sizes. The HAUS CPO Treatment Plant consists.

HAUS Separators for Crude Palm Oil Treatment

HAUS I Series separators are corrosion resistant due to their specially selected duplex stainless steel materials. The sealing elements have been designed for high-temperature applications. High-speed rotating bowl group parts wear resistant with the help of replaceable bowl erosion plate and piston erosion plate.

Advantages of I Series Separators

  • High-quality corrosion-resistant material

  • Ready for high-temperature applications

  • Replaceable erosion plates

  • Fast and effective discharge system

  • High efficiency

Advantages of HAUS CPO Treatment Plant

  • Preparation unit with non-emulsifying design

  • High removal rate of chloride and other contaminants

  • Reliable process

  • Minimum wastewater

  • Top oil quality

*HAUS I series industrial centrifuge separators come in different sizes to choose from for various capacities.

HAUS Sales and Marketing Team is always ready to answer your questions about palm oil treatment and vegetable oil.


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