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Field Maintenance. Don’t Start Today by Doing Yesterdays Work

For decades, palm oil businesses have intended to stand on the strong grounds and methodologies to care and drive the utmost success of their plantations. However, with the laborious tasks of harvesting, a key part of the success formula often receives very little attention… Maintenance.

The complexities of maintaining thousands of hectares at a time can prove to be a challenge, especially when the standard list of maintenance activities for quality yield involves resource demanding work such as,


  • Upkeep L/Site

  • Upkeep Boundary

  • Watchman

  • Upkeep Culvert

  • Upkeep Drain

  • Upkeep Signboard

  • Upkeep Ramp

  • Ramp Attendant


  • Manuring

  • EFB Mulching

  • Loading Fertiliser


  • Filling Polybags

  • Seed Germinate

  • Upkeep Shade


  • Pruning

  • Frond stacking

  • Pegging


  • Woodies Spray

  • Circle Spray

  • VOP Spray

  • Lalang Spray

  • Manual Weeding

  • Circle Racking

  • Slashing & Poisoning Woodies

  • Blanket Spray

  • De-creeping LCC

P & D

  • Trunk Injection

  • P & D Spray

  • Tirathaba Spray

  • Termite Spray

  • Upkeep Beneficial Plant

  • Planting Beneficial Plant


  • Census

  • Lining

  • Planting Seedlings

  • Straightening Palms

  • Ablation

ABS understands that all the above exercises are time consuming and very difficult to document due to the copious amounts of paperwork and filing required to be up to date and on top of all of your tasks, whilst maintaining high yield and productivity in your operations.

By digitalising these processes with PMMP, our smart and remote Agricultural Management platform, plantations continue to drive high yields whilst assuring field quality.

It is imperative for plantations businesses to harness, analyse, and action the data within their estate for effective planning and plantation management. Remote capabilities enable managers up to the supervisory teams at the HQ level all have the power to truly encourage data driven decisions.

Today, over 1.5 Million hectares of plantation businesses are effectively managing the following maintenance activities with PMMP Maintenance Modules.

A sample of some of the maintenance activities we have digitised:

AI Powered Maintenance Through Precision Agriculture

Nano Precision makes a big difference in yield, cost, and efficiencies for plantations, ABS’s drone services embedded with AI-powered computer vision algorithms combined with the brain of PMMP brings a new level of precision to oil palm plantation driving closed-loop preventative maintenance.

PMMP Decision support system leveraging Drone AI significantly simplifies the assessment and treatment activities in the field, with closed-loop monitoring to ensure the fields can be maintained timely and efficiently with reduced manpower, whilst providing considerable savings on the resources spent compared to the conventional census methods.

Using drone AI not only provides greater area coverage, higher density, and more accurate results, it also improves the data integrity enabling management to implement data driven actions, increasing labour productivity and minimising task completion time. With continuous time, labour and financial savings it is essential for all agri-businesses to venture into this sustainability PMMP drone DSS.

Precision Auto Tree Counting

AI-powered automated tree counting @ 99.5%+ accuracy. Order precise fertiliser with accurate stand count.

Plant Health

Spot unhealthy trees and prescribe targeted nutrient application.

Precision Terracing

Generate digitised terrace model with accuracy up to 5cm

Vacant Points

Find vacant points and supply them to maximise planting density.

Digitised Plantation

Digitised plantation inventory with roads,buildings, water sources, topography and plant density.

Digitised Terrace & Planting Point Model

Digitised planting point modelling with terrace and other infra plans.

Closed Loop Maintenance with PMMP


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