Field Maintenance. Don’t Start Today by Doing Yesterdays Work

For decades, palm oil businesses have intended to stand on the strong grounds and methodologies to care and drive the utmost success of their plantations. However, with the laborious tasks of harvesting, a key part of the success formula often receives very little attention… Maintenance.

The complexities of maintaining thousands of hectares at a time can prove to be a challenge, especially when the standard list of maintenance activities for quality yield involves resource demanding work such as,


  • Upkeep L/Site

  • Upkeep Boundary

  • Watchman

  • Upkeep Culvert

  • Upkeep Drain

  • Upkeep Signboard

  • Upkeep Ramp

  • Ramp Attendant


  • Manuring

  • EFB Mulching

  • Loading Fertiliser


  • Filling Polybags

  • Seed Germinate

  • Upkeep Shade


  • Pruning

  • Frond stacking

  • Pegging


  • Woodies Spray

  • Circle Spray

  • VOP Spray

  • Lalang Spray

  • Manual Weeding

  • Circle Racking

  • Slashing & Poisoning Woodies

  • Blanket Spray

  • De-creeping LCC

P & D

  • Trunk Injection

  • P & D Spray

  • Tirathaba Spray