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Cogen Application for Palm Oil Refinery

Mackenzie Industries’ WH Series; also known as industrial HRSG; are designed for waste heat recovery from exhaust gases of power generating turbines, engines or high temperature process/flue gas. This series utilize mono or bi-drum construction with finned tube and is specifically designed to be shop assembled. It is highly suitable for gas fired cogeneration plant application. In addition, we offer the option of incorporating a duct burner to increase the steam evaporation capacity. Our Industrial HRSGs are designed for maximum automation with minimum human interaction.

Cogeneration is a process of producing two form of energy simultaneously using one source of fuel. The cogeneration plant in a typical palm oil refinery plant consists mainly of saturated steam production to process and electricity generation for own consumption. However, heat generator is not limited to saturated steam only. Superheated steam, hot water and thermal oil generation is also possible in cogeneration. As for electrical generator, gas turbine and reciprocating engine are widely used.

Cogeneration is feasible for industries that has high electricity and heat demand.

Typical HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) consist of following components.

  1. By pass system - Flue gas control system that allows hot gas to be diverted to bypass stack or go into HRSG. The diverter damper serves as regulator to maintain steam pressure and shut-off in case of HRSG trip.

  2. Duct firing system - While additional fuel is introduced to boost up steam or hot water production, it improves the HRSG thermal efficiency to as high as 93-94%.

  3. Furnace - A water-cooled membrane furnace to cater for duct burner combustion and heat absorption.

  4. Evaporator - Main heat exchanger for steam / hot water generation.

  5. Economizer - Basically a water preheater to heat up HRSG feedwater temperature from 105°C to 160°C depends on the design specification.

  6. Stack - Main chimney for exhaust outlet to atmosphere.

Mode of operation.

  1. Simple heat recovery mode; where there is no additional firing into exhaust gas.

  2. Supplementary firing; where additional fuel is introduced to increase steam/hot water production.

  3. Fresh air firing; with this solution, HRSG can continue to generate steam/hot water independently in the event if the electrical generator tripped.

Mackenzie with its’ solid track records of HRSG utilizing nature gas/oil fired exhaust gas and incineration waste exhaust gas; has proved that cogeneration is a reliable solution. Especially for industries that demand high operating hours, full automated with minimum manpower, compact space design and even unmanned operation concept.

WH Series

  • Designed for full automation with least human interaction

  • Bi-drum with finned tube and shop assembled unit

  • Able to design to suit most of the prime mover


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