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AERP - Cloud based ERP system for Plantation Companies

A small palm oil company with upstream operations in Johor, Malaysia that started in the early 1970's has grown into a complex and diversified organization with nearly 500 full-time employees, operating on 12,000 hectares of mature oil palms and one palm oil mill. With their growing organization and annual spending, they were looking for a business tool that would not only help accommodate their business needs, but to help them grow as well.

Since their start, they tragically attempted to use a wide variety software, some off-the-shelf and some customized, but none seemed to fit their niche upstream plantation and business needs. Along the way they tried to integrate their software, but this proved to limit efficiency. Heavy customization with the drawback of a stagnant legacy software often left their system dry of new and innovative upgrades and critically lengthened downtime. This drove them to a point that they could no longer use such a fragmented and outdated legacy system.

To add to the pool of problems, the business specialized in agriculture where most operations were situated in flood prone areas, they began looking to shift the hosting of their valuable data off-site into the hands of IT experts. Regrettably spending to maintain IT hardware, software, and IT personal simply added to their mountain of business inefficiencies derived from the system.

Additionally, as the company grew bigger expanding to more divisions and departments, stronger communication was needed more than ever. With extensive list of operation like purchasing, selling, inventory management, outsourcing, maintenance, estate and mill operations. Only a reliable system could make the cut.

As a result, the operations and finance team set off in search of a truly robust system that would give them access to their operations productivity, production output, stock and cashflow; enabling them with the power to make fast data-driven decisions on the go.

Naturally, this organization was looking for an out of the box ERP system that could accommodate their operations and business needs whilst being hosted off premise with accommodation for their growth for now and their future. A solution was found with the Cloud-based ABS ERP system - AERP.

AERP enables seamless flow of information from the estate fields (front-end) to estate offices, regional and Head Office (back-end). This integrated system consists of a full financial suite covering areas such as financial reporting, management costing, payroll, procurement, inventory, sales, field supervisory controls, estates and mill operations, and much more.

Given the flexibility of the applications licensing models, deployment options, and hosting options; the organization was able to design their preferred plan and deployment plan with the specific modules to match their requirements. As they chose to host off-premise, this not only solved their hosting need but also the maintenance of the software as well. The periodical upgrades were now a problem of the past as AERP supports ongoing versioning and updates.The operations and finance team now have access to the daily and periodic KPIs of the business, making it easier for them to know the pulse of the business and to ultimately make better and timely data-driven decisions. As AERP is web-based and mobile ready, the operations and finance team can practically access the system anywhere via a mobile phone.

The accessibility of AERP via mobile phone proved to be a game-changer to the organization that operates in multiple estates and locations. Now the orders and production information can be directly done by managers on the go. This mobility and seamless flow of information has increased efficiency overall improved business operations.

AERP was not only able support their business and make way for future growth, but also saved resources in specific avenues enabling them to increase their productivity and redirect their spending to other business concerns and needs.

To provide plantation companies with a cost-efficient cloud ERP system that is feature rich with seamless integration, ABS Innovations Sdn Bhd has Introduced AERP. Built on the world’s leading cloud and mobile technology, it’s adaptable and integrated applications deliver modern solutions for ERP. Cloud-based ERP systems are becoming more relevant in recent years, due mainly to the possibility of getting started at a low cost and a small scale. Many SMEs adopt information technology solutions, such as ERP systems, to efficiently manage their business processes and to collaborate with suppliers, partners, and customers. Therefore, the successful adoption and deployment of ERP systems are crucial for the competitiveness and survival of these organizations.

The AERP Application Platform components which control common access to application resources such as User Interface, Reporting, Workflow, Multi Entity, Templates and Notification; while the System Platform Components manage administration and configuration settings such as Mobile, Security, Multi Language, Multi Tenancy, Web Services API and Document Manager.

Flexibility and choice, in a single comprehensive solution to manage your entire business efficiently. AERP is the only cloud and browser-based ERP solution that adapts to the needs of plantation businesses economically and securely. AERP delivers a full suite of integrated business management applications unlike any other ERP solution on the market today.


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