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The Outstanding Characteristics of Palm Oil

  1. Palm oil is one of Nature's richest sources of Vitamin E tocotrienols and pro-Vitamin A carotenoids.

  2. It is cholesterol-free. Studies have shown that palm olein (liquid portion of palm oil) and olive oil have similar beneficial effects on plasma cholesterol levels.

  3. Additionally, animal and cell-culture studies have found that palm tocotrienols inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer.

  4. Stable at high temperatures, palm olein is the ideal choice for household and industrial frying as it is less prone to oxidation.

  5. Palm oil is also odourless and neutral in flavour, thus preserving the natural taste of food.

  6. Unlike other vegetable oils, palm oil is naturally semi- solid at room temperature; it does not require hydrogenation and is therefore free of trans fats.

  7. Palm oil is one of the 17 edible oils cited by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) / World Health Organisation (WHO) Food Standard under the CODEX Alimentarius Commission Programme.

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