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Red Palm Oil Now Available in KK Mart All over Malaysia

YB Teresa Kok, Minister of Primary Industries, together with Datuk Seri KK Chai, the founder and owner of KK Mart, launched two new brands of red palm oil.

At the event, YB Teresa Kok mentioned how the efforts of the Love MY Palm Oil Campaign has led many people to complain about the lack of red palm oil availability in the market. With this launch you can now find Merries and Harvist oils at KK Marts all around Malaysia, selling at under RM6 for a 500ml bottle.

In-conjunction with the Merdeka Month, the red palm oil will be displayed by the counters. KK Mart is also having a special discount on certain palm-based products.

YB Teresa Kok also spoke of the nutritional values of red palm oil. Expressing concern that so many Malaysians are unaware of its abundance of benefits. Especially with upper middle class Malaysians, who avoid consuming the oil due to their ignorance. She hopes more supermarkets and mini-markets can follow in the footsteps of KK Mart, and promote red palm oil, as well as other palm-based products.


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