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Oliqem GmbH Announces Company Name Change to GAR Germany

Oliqem GmbH, a trusted oleochemical company based in Germany, has announced today that it is changing its name to Golden Agri-Resources Germany (GAR Germany). The company will be registered as Golden Agri-Resources Germany GmbH effective immediately.

The rebranding completes the process of bringing Oliqem GmbH into the GAR family of vertically integrated, palm-based businesses, with plantation and refinery operations in Indonesia and a market presence in some 70 countries. Since acquiring the company in 2013, GAR has provided Oliqem GmbH with access to the best quality, sustainably produced and traceable palm oil raw materials.

Maarten van der Hoeven, Commercial Head Europe, Golden Agri-Resources said, “GAR continues to strengthen its position as a global seed to shelf agribusiness company, realising a strategy to strengthen our downstream and value add operations initiated in 2013. Diversifying our offering to include oleochemicals, and rebranding Oliqem as part of that offering, is an important contribution to our global growth.”

Beyond the name change, customers in European and Latin American markets will have access to an expanding range of palm-based oleochemical products, delivered through a team they already know and trust and high quality production facility through Sinar Mas Oleochemical.

Sinar Mas Oleochemical is GAR's oleochemical production facility that provide one-stop solutions who are looking for oleochemicals to support their own product development with over than 25 years of experience in the industry.



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