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MPOB To Organise Transfer Technology Webinar 2020 Next Month

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) will hold its annual seminar, the MPOB Technology Transfer Seminar online (Webinar TOT 2020), on July 7.

MPOB Director-General Dr Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir said the Webinar TOT 2020 aims to disseminate MPOB's latest research findings. The webinar will offer business opportunities based on the commercialisation of technologies related to the palm oil industry.

"TOT 2020 will provide business opportunities for local companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), agriculturalists, engineering professionals, scientists, researchers, food technologists, chemists, producers and manufacturers as well as those involved in the palm oil industry," said Dr Ahmad Parveez.

Participants of the seminar will be able to enhance knowledge on the palm oil industry and technology innovations for commercialisation.

Hence, the webinar will increase business opportunities for SME entrepreneurs through the commercialisation of technologies offered by MPOB.

For the technology transfer to industry players, the involvement of Malaysian companies including SMEs in the commercialisation of technologies developed by MPOB will drive the growth of the palm oil industry and the country’s economy .

Source: MPOB


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