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MPOB among Top 20 Malaysian Patent Applicants

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) climbed four notches to be among the top 20 patent applicants listed by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) for 2020.

MPOB ranked 17 in the list with nine patents compared with 21st in 2019 with seven patents.

Director-General of MPOB Dr. Ahmad Parveez Ghulam Kadir said the nine patents filed in 2020 have great potential for commercialization. “We only filed for patent breakthrough technologies with high potential for commercialization,” he said.

MPOB’s nine patents filed in 2020 included a multipurpose vehicle for carrying out operations in plantations, an oil separation system in the mill, and compositions for defense from pathogen infection and its method.

Others are method of bio-active peptides extraction from oil palm mesocarps, method for detecting adulterants in crude palm oil, composition and method of producing strand board, inhibition of cholinesterases by water-soluble palm fruit extract, corrosion inhibitor composition and method, as well as agricultural implement such as shaft and spike.

The multipurpose vehicle comprises a chassis, an engine to power the vehicle, a battery to power agricultural implements, an engine rectifier generator for charging the battery, and a hybrid system to incorporate one or more renewable energy source for charging the battery. Other components include a continuous variable transmission, an adjustable belt tensioner for adjusting vehicle speed or torque, a transaxle for transmitting power, one or more wheels, and one or more agricultural implements.

MPOB’s oil water separation system invention is suitable for separating water from oil. It comprises a vessel in which an emulsion of oil and water is allowed to separate into a relatively low density oil component and a relatively higher density aqueous component.

MPOB’s formulation for defense from pathogen infection is a product for improving plant growth, comprising a substrate prepared based on oil palm wastes or oil palm milling by-products and fungi from Trichoderma genus.

According to Dr. Ahmad Parveez, the recognition from the MyIPO is a testament to MPOB’s commitment towards continued innovation and breakthrough, being the nation’s research and development agency for Malaysia’s palm oil industry.

“Intellectual property plays a significant role in contributing towards Malaysia’s continuous development, especially in the palm oil industry. MPOB strives to develop innovative and breakthrough technologies in food and non-food sectors,” Dr. Ahmad Parveez added.


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