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MPI Recognizes Excelvite’s Biodiesel Analytical Laboratory

ExcelVite Sdn. Bhd., one of the leading biodiesel producers in Malaysia, is pleased to announce that its analytical laboratory (ISO17025-accredited) is recognized and licensed by the Malaysian Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), to conduct 3rd party independent biodiesel analyses, for the B100 palm biodiesel vis-à-vis the nation’s mandatory B7/B10 biodiesel program.

The 3-year MPI license takes effect from 2018 and serves as a recognition of ExcelVite’s existing biodiesel analytical laboratory set up (equipment / facilities, quality management system and competent personnel) that meets the stringent requirements of MPI in terms of facilities and testing capabilities. In addition, ExcelVite’s laboratory complies with the international ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for biodiesel analyses.

ExcelVite produces high quality distilled B100 palm methyl ester at its facility located in Chemor, Perak – one of the largest palm oil producing states in Peninsular Malaysia. The high quality molecularly-distilled palm methyl ester is sold in Malaysia for biodiesel and oleochemical applications, under the brand names of EVFuel® and EVOleo®, respectively.

This MPI license underscores ExcelVite’s commitment towards a robust Quality Management System and is an affirmation to customers that the analytical results and CoA that accompanies ExcelVite’s products, meet both international and local testing standards and methods.

“As one of the leading biodiesel producers, ExcelVite has a well-equipped biodiesel analytical laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, which allows it to carry out comprehensive biodiesel analyses on its own-produced biodiesel as well as for other producers. Our laboratory is also ISO/IEC 17025-accredited since 2007. ExcelVite is fully committed to a stringent production and testing procedures to ensure that EVFuel® and EVOleo® meet and exceed customer’s as well as regulatory quality specifications,” says Ms. Chan Yuen Teng, QA Manager of ExcelVite.

“This MPI license allows ExcelVite to offer biodiesel testing service to other local producers and companies as a 3rd party lab service,” added Ms. Chan.

(*) MPI is formerly known as MPIC - Ministry of Plantation, Industries and Commodities.


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