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Indonesia to confront EU over palm oil discrimination

Indonesia is already prepared to confront the European Union (EU) over the discriminatory policies on palm oil of Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) and Delegated Regulation EU before the World Trade Organization (WTO). "We will resist discrimination against Indonesia's palm oil products. We have our questions list which are our demands to the WTO," Jerry Sambuaga, Indonesia Vice Minister of Trade, told the press here Tuesday.

Indonesia Vice Minister of Trade Jerry Sambuaga (middle) at a press conference concerning on Indonesia's preparation to confront EU in WTO over palm oil dispute, held in Jakarta, Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The questions list will later be adjusted with the team of attorney and is expected to be completed on January 10, Sambuaga explained."We are focusing on the matters that are included in trade agreements as well as the substantial points of the violation, which is discrimination," he noted. It is scheduled to be filed to WTO on January 14, as on January 28 to 29 the team will undergo an initial process of consultation with EU team to clarify and gather comprehensive facts regarding this matter in Geneva, Switzerland. "The kick-off meeting is scheduled on January 30 to 31. Before that, in Geneva we will, again, set up final preparation," Sambuaga said. Some ministries related to this dispute as well as institutions, associations, business persons and law practitioners had lent support to Indonesia upon this measure to face EU via WTO.


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