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An Interview with Mr. Xu Bin, Chairman of Myande Group

Xu Bin, Chairman of Myande Group
  • Director of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association

  • Vice President of the Oil Branch of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association

  • Senior Economist

Myande Engineering and Manufacturing Center

As one of the world’s leading providers of integrated solutions in Oils & Fats, Starch & Derivatives, Meal Fermentation and Evaporation & Crystallization industries, Myande Group focuses on manufacturing high quality mechanical products and supplying complete solutions that enable its clients to succeed.

Xu Bin, chairman of Myande Group, has always adhered to the core concepts of creating value for customers to continuously enhance the influence of Myande in grain processing industry around the world.

1. Myande Group owns an effective worldwide sales and service network with branches and agents in many countries. What are the company’s comparative strengths and strong suit than other similar market players in the industry?

In Oils & Fats, Starch & Derivatives, Meal Fermentation and Evaporation & Crystallization industries, Myande provides customers with integrated engineering services, which include process design, equipment manufacturing, design and supply of automatic control systems, installation, commissioning, and training. According to diversified customer needs, Myande

provides customized solutions.

The largest oilseeds crushing facilities in China, namely the 6,000t/d soybean crushing facility, 3,000t/d canola seed crushing facility, 700t/d corn germ crushing facility, and 1,000t/d soybean white flake processing facility, one single line, are all designed and supplied by Myande. Over the past five years, Myande has become a global engineering company and has supplied more large-scale turnkey projects, this means 5,000t/d oilseed crushing and 1,000t/d oil refinery, than any other engineering companies in the world.

Myande has exported to Europe a large-scale complete oilseeds crushing line. In terms of capacity, this crushing line is the largest one among all crushing lines ever exported to Europe by any other Chinese engineering company.

10,000TPD (2 Lines of 5,000TPD) Soybean Crushing and 2,000TPD (2 Lines of 1,000TPD) Oil Refinery Project

2. What do you think makes your company an industry leader in its fields?

Talent strategy

Myande’s mission is “with professionalism, we manufacture high quality mechanical products and supply complete solutions that enable our clients to succeed. We are dedicated to create a bright future for us as well as for our clients”. In order to realize this mission, Myande has established the international talent strategy, enrolled international top experts, and formed a team of high-quality engineers. We cultivate a culture of passionate people and inspired innovation. We support our employees and their professional goals because an investment in our people is an investment in our future.

Technological innovation

Myande always insists on continuous R&D innovation. The annual R&D expenditure exceeds 10% of total sales. A professional R&D team of nearly 100 people promotes the more efficient development of the entire industry. Myande always adheres on its customer-oriented principle, actively carries out research on cutting-edge technology and products, and has maintained out industry leading position. Myande has developed a series of large-scale high-end intelligent equipment and advanced production technology. And they have been widely applied in many large edible oil mills, which has solved many development pain points and helped customers achieve extraordinary results.

Myande Flaker

World-leading intelligent manufacturing platform

Myande intelligent manufacturing base is featured with high intelligence, automation and efficiency in which various sensors, intelligent control system, industrial robots and automated production line are adopted. Myande has formed the manufacturing system that integrates design and manufacturing, intelligent management, data informatization and control automation.

Myande is committed to providing excellent process solutions, and has strict requirements on the quality of equipment manufacturing. The stability and reliability of equipment are prerequisites for creating value and benefits. Myande has an industry-leading manufacturing platform, with a manufacturing workshop area of nearly 80,000 square meters consisting of cutting, machining, welding, painting, assembly, packing and other sections. Three high-power laser cutting machines, modern machining equipment, gantry machining center, welding robots and other advanced processing equipment ensure the accuracy of each component. Sandblasting, rust removing, pickling ceramicization, and powder coating ensure the painting quality of equipment. Myande’s complete quality control system and quality control methods have also been fully recognized by global customers.

CNC Workshop

Global sales and service network

Myande owns a highly effective worldwide sales and service network with branches and agents in many countries. Myande’s delivery time and delivery quality have been highly praised and recognized in the industry.

3. What enterprise spirit and management philosophy provides inexhaustible impetus for enterprise development?

“Passion, precision, honesty” is not only the origin of the name of Myande, but also the core value of Myande, and the code of conduct for all employees.

Our Values:


  • curiosity

  • sense of mission and responsibility

  • clear vision

  • creativity

  • initiative

  • team spirit

  • fast action


  • attention to details

  • workmanship

  • professionalism

  • accuracy

  • seeking excellence


  • kindness to people

  • positive view of the world

  • frankness in communication

  • completeness in expression

  • faithfulness to commitments

  • enabling clients to succeed

  • empowerment of employee development

  • respect to shareholders

  • social responsibility

Myande Team

4. Palm oil industry managed to thrive despite the economic state last year. What are the demands for the palm oil mill machinery during the pandemic?

As a world-renowned supplier of palm oil equipment and turnkey plants, Myande has indeed received many inquiries from palm fruit producing countries in the past year despite the pandemic. Many investors are very interested in palm oil processing, and some of them have prepared the land and funds for their projects. In the future, with the improvement of palm oil processing technology, the economic benefits of its production will become more and more significant. Myande will continue to contribute to the innovation and development of palm oil processing industry.

900TPD Multiple Oil Refinery, Malaysia

Delivery of Largest Edible Oil Complete Equipment Project Exported to Europe

5. How does Myande seize the opportunity to go global and to open up the international market?

Myande actively responds to the national initiative of “One Belt, One Road”. With its increasingly strong corporate strength and continuous breakthrough innovation capabilities, Myande’s footprints have spread throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and America.

In 2020, Myande exported the complete equipment for processing 3,000t/d soybean, 2,000t/d rapeseed and 2,700t/d sunflower seed to Russia. It has been the largest edible oil complete equipment project exported to Europe from China so far, with completely independent intellectual property rights.

Through sincere cooperation with customers, Myande has undertaken more than 300 projects in more than 30 countries around the world, which has been fully recognized by customers.

6. What are Myande’s future goals and plans, say for the next five years?

Myande’s corporate mission:

With professionalism, we manufacture high quality mechanical products and supply complete solutions that enable our clients to succeed. We are dedicated to create a bright future for us as well as for our clients.

In the face of the future, Myande needs to focus on improving the following aspects in order to become the world’s leading solution provider.

Firstly, Myande will further strengthen technological innovation and always insist on leading the development of enterprise with technology. Myande will also further increase investment in research and development, strengthen the introduction and training of talents, attach importance to the combination of industry-university-research, and further strengthen cooperation with well-known universities and research institutes at home and abroad.

500TPD Palm Kernel Cake Solvent Extraction, Indonesia

Secondly, Myande will strengthen the management of informatization and digitalization, and gradually realize the standardization of internal management of enterprise. Myande will also use information technology to actively explore remote information system monitoring and remote maintenance for customers under the conditions of customer authorization, so as to resolve problems that may occur in the production process timely and improve the speed of rapid response to customers.

Thirdly, Myande will further improve the level of intelligent manufacturing and make greater strides on the basis of the industry’s global leadership. The “intelligent factory” created by Myande needs to use various sensors, intelligent control systems, industrial robots and automated production lines through the deep integration of management information and equipment automation to build the intelligent manufacturing system integrated with design & manufacturing, intelligent management, data informatization and control automation.

Fourthly, Myande will establish a more meticulous global service system to be closer to customers. Myande actively follows the national initiative of “One Belt, One Road” and “Going Global”, deeply analyzes and excavates customer needs, makes full use of its own international and diversified advantages, optimizes process plans and product upgrades, and accelerates international business system and product system construction to further consolidate the market position.

Biodiesel Refinery Project, Malaysia

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