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China Keen to Invest In Sabah's Palm Oil Industry

Kitingan (right) having a discussion with Wang

China is keen to explore investment opportunities in Sabah's palm oil industry.

This is among the areas the Chinese government is interested to tap into, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told Sabah Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Jeffrey Kitingan in a meeting here on June 4.

The two leaders discussed potential bilateral trade ties and potential investments into the Bornean state as China and Sabah agreed to forge closer economic and cultural links.

They also covered issues on technology transfers in various fields particularly in the agriculture and fisheries industries.

Kitingan, who is also State Fisheries and Agriculture Minister, told Wang of the Sabah government's plans to reduce poverty in the rural areas in the state, which includes building more infrastructure, particularly telecommunications, to accelerate the growth of Sabah's digital economy.

Thanking Wang for choosing Sabah for his stopover, he also offered to welcome more Chinese tourists to come to the Land Below the Wind.

In response, Wang said that the Chinese government was always open to cooperation with its neighbours and that the Chinese and Sabah governments have enjoyed cordial and amicable relations for many years.

In terms of infrastructure development, he stated that China is willing to support any project that benefits both countries and contributes to the realisation of Sabah's dreams and aspirations.

Both parties agreed to develop a new road map to structure a new bilateral agenda with the goal of strengthening economic and cultural ties and contributing to peace and security in Sabah.

"It was a warm and constructive conversation and I am pleased with the respectful manner in which the discussion took place," Kitingan said in a statement.

"I am excited at the many possibilities where China could help propel Sabah into the future and I look forward to a more in-depth discussion with the Chinese government soon."


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