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Advancing Agricommodity Sector in Sustainable Ecosystem at The MIACES 2022

MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL AGRICOMMODITY EXPO AND SUMMIT 2022 (MIACES’22) could not have been organised at a better time as the anticipated openings for the Agricommodity sector to further flourish in the global market. MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL AGRICOMMODITY EXPO AND SUMMIT 2022 will be the premier event in the calendar of Agricommodity and primary industries internationally. MIACES’22 will create opportunities to expand to new markets for Agricommodity exports.

The agricommodity subsector, which comprises of oil palm, rubber, timber, cocoa, pepper and kenaf, has been one of the main drivers of the national economy, contributing significantly to export earnings, creating jobs as well as providing income particularly to the small stakeholders.

“In September 2020, the Malaysia Rubber Council was given a fresh perspective, and it is now striving for excellence through various design and development initiatives, automation and digital technology, and efforts to promote quality and trusted rubber products in order to strengthen the country's position in the global value chain, said Nor Hizwan bin Ahmad, the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Rubber Council.

“We are expecting approximately 250 companies, 500 trade delegates and 10,000 visitors to attend in these 3 days event and we are also anticipating to have MOUs signed and witnessed by our distinguished dignitaries.” He said again.

The event comprises of 3 days exhibition, conference, ministerial roundtable and award night to appreciate the industry practitioners that have been putting their efforts uplifting the industries.

The Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, YB Datuk Hajah Zuraida Kamaruddin also said that, “The increasing price not only boosted up the economy, but it helps Malaysian oil palm producers and technology firms who were suffering from financial struggles as an outcome of the Covid-19 outbreak.”

“The theme of this year’s event, “Advancing Agricommodity Sector in Sustainability Ecosystem” giving Malaysia their own prospects of growth and help to realise potential opportunity”, she said.

The event will gather local producers, agencies, private sectors and government authorities to discuss issues, sharing updates and policy. Showcasing latest equipment and technology also will be the highlight of the event.

“We believe that we can grow the agricommodity sector into a stronger economic contributor, increase agricommodity industry players, producer, investors, stakeholders and advance sustainable primary production here in Malaysia.”, she added.

She also firmly highlighted that “We want to grow a cluster of large agricommodity firms that can take on the world, and build on Malaysia’s agricommodity strength.”


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